Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

Nice and addicting. I liked it.

a good game but might you make it challenging....I feeled it boring already as I played the 1st stage..the drawing bothers me too.. you might add emotions when in conversations.If I am going to evaluate you STRICTLY I would give you 700 out of 1,500 (literally)

Nicely done. There are some issues that keep me from giving it 5 stars though. It can get very laggy. Also, some of the abilities don't seem to work as the description implies they should. Erica and Glenn seem a bit under powered.

kudos to your work on this project but i would like you to make a series of this game....hopefully i get to see a new sequel to this game but hey can you please make a game of 4 or 5 characters manupulated all at once because i thought it would be awesome.
i love the basic game play and the art background and characters and the story plot. hope you make a sequel thats better than this game and wow kudos. BEST WISHES ON YOUR SUCCESS ON YOUR NEXT PROJECT.

Beautyfull game but... too slow, too easy, too laggy.