Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

i gave up at snake eater part cause i could'nt dodge him. still, i enjoyed the trip.

It's like plaing a video game on valium. So sssss-llllllll-ooooooo-wwwwwwww.

I loved this game. The gameplay was great, and all of the characters seemed just about perfectly balanced. They were strong enough that you could win every level without too much trouble, yet weak enough that you had to stay on your toes and think a bit. The storyline was fairly interesting too, and it was nice to have a cutscene at the end of each level.

There were a couple of things I disliked though. The first was the huge amount of grinding required to get your hero (which I assume means Josh) to level 15 to get the medal for it. The second is that the story seemed incomplete to me. How does Selene feel about the place where she studied being destroyed? Why did Glenn want to kill the Snake Eater and what are his goals now? A sequel would be nice to address these questions.

I got to level 2 if and it had a bad word the B-word

Great addicting game. It provided me with awesome entertainment and fun :D

The graphics and story were really good, the music was repetitive, but still good.
5/5 stars for awesomeness.