Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

This isn't the style of game I usually play but I still enjoyed it. I like the setting and the story, and the diversity of enemy's from level to level. The upgrade system and pick ups are very useful and feel like they make a difference and are worth being in the game.

I really like the game. I think only the avatar design should be done in a better way. It's a little ugly. The others design elements seem well crafted. It's a good game.

Not bad, but does get a little boring after a while. It's still fun to pass the time, but in the end it leaves more to be desired. I will give you + points for the difficulty. It increases nicely from one level to the next and gets pretty challenging at the end. I don't know I might give this another go later.

good game m8

Again I'm the first one reviewing?

I like this game.