Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

Nice. It's not a sprite game, but the graphics are remnisent of old sprite RPGs, though they're much smoother. The layout of the game is nostalgic though, and the interface is as shiny as it should be in RPGs! Nice work on cutscenes, and as for gameplay... it wasn't what I expected. Running forward, shooting automatically, gathering coins and weaving through enemies, that's certainly a change from the traditional, and it works well. Fun game!


Came across this in the NG Email, though it was a totally different game when I loaded it up. Was dissapointed with what it turned out to be, a un-original time waster. But turned out to be quit fun and addicting, though nothing to new or to interesting, I played until the second level. Then I was done.
Good game, next time though. Please if you make such an effort for an RPG opening scene and start, why not go whole way ?

Major fun and addicting, I can't see a flaw with this, truly top notch.

The game offers no innovation in terms of originality, but it's great fun! The sound of shots of knives and firing arrows are too loud and annoying, please soften it! Great game and a bit addictive.

Great game but it would have been nice to put the controls somewhere, took me a few seconds to realise you had to use the mouse to move and didn't know about super powers until the 2nd level.