Reviews for "Band Of Heroes"

The good: I like the art, and the customization of characters through buying powerups. I also like the fact that stages have environmental elements that add some challenge. The bad: The music gets old really fast. I feel like sometimes it is really slow progressing through each stage. Also some elements of the plot feel really old and overdone.

Animation was really good. The controls were the only thing I am concerned with. I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this. Is there a way you could incorporate the keyboard as a way to move your character(s)? Maybe it's just my inability to keep the mouse cursor on the game screen when I start panicking and have to make a quick move and overcompensate...

IriySoft responds:

We plan to add the keyboard controls and update the game soon.

When I fist read the tittle I was expecting an rpg/final fantasy kinda game. Even the opening teased me that way...Well then... I thought to myself, let's try this...the art looks good the music is not bad..oh no...up-shotting game...ok it will be fun right?...no,no,NO,no...same music each level, the enemies come only from up, the pace is to slow...and the story is soooo cliche...sigh...I was taking stars as I was noticing where this could have gone and where it ended up. I stop before I didn't left star for effort...
There is only a chance to try something new...

put the option in to move with arrow keys or wasd. I hate that when the mouse goes off screen it messes everything up.

pretty entertaining game
but, wtf dude, you placed so many fuking witches in last stage and boss
I give up