Reviews for "Monster Legions"

Great game, although i felt the reinforcement powerup by far the best and almost overpowered.

This game is awesome SAVe IT and then put it on the front page for all to see and play

This game is so much fun, I couldn't stop playing it until I defeated the beast. I would say Pestillence was harder than the final boss though. I love these types of games, hope to see a sequel to this eventually.

I loved the large variety of cards, but was thinking about something. It would be nice if you already had a level 8 recruit ninja, and got another level 8 recruit ninja from the fortune guy, if you could 'replace' the other level 8 you have and make it into a level 9 card. Or something like that.

Really enjoyed it thanks for this.


Once again Nerdook has made a Epic game. 5/5

Kickass game!