Reviews for "Soupedia 2"

Soup squad for lyfe, m8.

next ver can
havez me to corn soup

SoupSquad responds:


I couldn't understand most of this, until I read the directions. It was weird because you kind of told us how to get the secret medals. Granted, they were all that way, but it was still kind of strange. It wasn't too easy of course, with a lot of hidden stuff. I didn't know MikeyS9607 was part of the Soup Squad. I think this may be the first submission from you guys that I've reviewed.

You would be surprised at how many of these organizations there are. The music was fine. I felt I at least learned some more about the users on this website. The medals will hopefully give it more views. I never played the first one.

SoupSquad responds:

First one has medals, too.

And no, I'm not surprised. There have been a lot of organizations. Most of them are dead. So far, it's only three crowns: Clocks, Locks, and Soups.

What the hell is this? How is this even classified as a game...

SoupSquad responds:

Interactivity = game

How do I get the 2nd and 3rd medals?

SoupSquad responds:

1. Ghost.

2. Help.