Reviews for "Chocolate Run"

The instructions in the beginning tell me to crush enemies under the bottom of my plane, yet doing so sends me spiraling to my death whereas NOT crashing into them allows me to fly much longer. Nice of the tutorial to instruct me to commit suicide. The fuel is pointless, you won't fly long enough to run out. The shield is almost useless since the screen will fill with enemies and launcher things that will jerk you across the screen so fast that by the time you locate your plane again you've already hit something and begun falling. The powerups contradict each other. None of the enemies, nor the plot, make any sense, and that scream when your plane goes down gets painfully irritating after about the 3rd time you hear it. The graphics are alright, the music is okay, and the gameplay mechanics don't seem buggy (though shooting me around the screen faster than the eye can follow and guaranteeing I'll hit something that will kill me is a pretty poor programming choice), but for the most part I really don't like this game.

This game makes absolutely no sense from the story to the mechanics of the game.
Really need to work on this one.

Chocolate ruuun... some stay dry and others feel the pain, chocolate run...

"Don't be discouraged if it seems hard at first, just keep buying upgrades..." ...and it will eventually get fun.

Saying this is basically saying you didn't spend enough time on developing a concept that makes the game fun right away. That's also the problem I see in most distance-type games. They aren't fun at all for the first ten runs.

poxpower responds:

Man you're lucky you didn't grow up with Nintendos haha

its alright, but not that good