Reviews for "Chocolate Run"

this game is borning.
2 stars

I like the music and the sprites. Its a little frustrating at first because it kinda hard to understand if you want us to avoid or jump from the critters. I kinda got the hang of it later on. Powerups definately helped the situation some.

I know, i should have to rate the game itself only, but: Medals are currently working under Chrome & Opera. Firefox has some issues - i'm forced at loading to login. But the login won't stay, so the medlas won't get updated. So use Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. @Game: Please do me a favor: Stop that fast blinking buttons. I'm no epileptic, but probably you'll make me!

"Big Spender" and "You are Nuts" medals don't work. I sure am glad I wasted hours trying to get them.

poxpower responds:

That's weird because I have them.

It's alright although the speed gets very repetitive at times, It's okay to say the least a bit above average but the Mechanics may need some work.. other than that you did a pretty well done V-Day Game! I Mean the idea is awesome and all but there are some unusual Prospect of this game. You did pretty good but the pixelating was kind of awkward.. Besides, that the game is alright I shall admit!