Reviews for "Chocolate Run"

I was a bit disappointed to see how this was ranked fairly low in comparison to a lot of your other games. This was still a fairly good game. I guess I was hoping that you had the ability to attack. You know, fire chocolate as a weapon or something. It's still fairly stylistic for what it is. I know I have played something like this before.

The music was fairly good and it fit the game nicely enough. I didn't see what this had to do with Valentine's Day that much. I guess chocolate is something you can associate with most holidays. It did go pretty fast even if I wasn't able to get very far. I just think it's a bit too incomprehensible to like that much.

Meh... not really any good. There is no really theme to it, just a bunch of random stuff. The screen is way too cluttered, too many enemies. Over all a fairly poor effort.

the mechanics and original style of gameplay is good how ever it takes way too long to get the necessary upgrades to progress far.

in your discription you claim you can jump from enemy to enemy, then why do i just die when i try it????

Got all the medals except 'lucky' and 'get a life', pretty smooth animation, great time killer.

Also 5th on the leader board as of this review.