Reviews for "Chocolate Run"

Just one of those games with no end.

They're all addictive, they're everywhere, but they're not overrated. I like them! This one is very nice!

It's sweet :)

cute and fun game, very good
It's include valentine day and chinese new year game units, just in time!

Solid game, and hilarious sound effects.
I really enjoyed playing this game. Hope to see a sequel! Perhaps around Easter?

The early instructions are way confusing in the context of the game. I had no idea that I was supposed to be collecting chocolate until about my tenth run. I thought the game was about bouncing on things! And then I died when I did it! I didn't even realize the chocolates were there, I thought they were "dirt" that was part of the background until I, by complete happenstance, found myself in a pocket of ding noises and white circle effects. Who knows whether I would have ever figured it out if I hadn't bought my first couple upgrades in the Chocolate line, on a whim.

The rest of the game had a similar timbre. I couldn't figure much out, or why things did stuff. Anything I touched killed me, half the powerups were suicide, and even after I bought some armor most things *still* outright killed me. (On the plus side, this feeling that you didn't give a shit whether the game made any sense or was truly playable made it easy to invest in the "useless" Gift line of upgrades, because why should I care either?)

If I were you, though I'm not, I would change the introductory instruction screen to just say, "Collect chocolate!" with a sample line of chocolate-specks to show what the hell you're talking about. Extra information isn't completely necessary, and you seem to be on a "figure it out your goddamned self" tack with this game. (Also you should make this intro screen viewable a second time, without having to erase your progress to do so.) I'd also consider giving players one slot of Armor very, very early, to introduce the idea that different enemies do differing amounts of damage. (Maybe have a damage popup number instead? Maybe that's a little too on-the-nose.)

All this being said, once I figured out what the goal was and generally how to go about accomplishing it, the game was pretty fun. But god damned if you didn't set a brick wall right at the starting gate.