Reviews for "Monster Tap Proto"

Amazing well done.

The sounds fit well and the characters all look really good.
Maybe you can make the players able to choose what to improve when they level up? (HP, Attack, Special Attack, Charge, Heal more, Restore HP...)

First Time I managed to get till move 80, now I am stuck at move 313 thanks to the ais....

Good concept, you should work on the player AI though, the guys keep getting in my way, one time I was trying to get around one of them, and every time I moved, he'd move to block my path, I'd like to have the ability to set their priorities, and possibly have priority movement, it would help if we could do nothing, having to move is just problematic. Another way around this is having destination markers, or something, so you can tell other people where you plan to move. While the current looting system gives some interesting dynamics, you might want to consider some kind of share system, maybe something like 50% finder, the remaining split by damage dealt, otherwise it will be to easy for people to troll, hanging out where they know the corpse is going to land, and stealing the gold, and xp form the other players until they are the only ones that can do anything.

I have to admit, it's a really nice game (and cute too). Although I suggest that once that the main character is out, you can manipulate the other characters so that you can still be in the game

LunaDrift responds:

It's going to be a co-op game you play with other real people. So eventually you won't be alone Pinky!

Nice strategy game! Also, love the art!

LunaDrift responds: