Reviews for "Monster Tap Proto"

Okay, I like this game. It is very fun and kind of addictive, but a few things to note.

1. The balancing is waaaay off, half the enemies kill you in 1 hit, no matter how much experience you tried to steal from your allies, and the other half barely do any damage and die in 1 hit, that is some very off balancing.

2. The AI is infuriating. I could not get to the bottom half of the screen because my support AI Panda would only go left and right the exact same way I did, and 1 square under me! With this I literally could not go down and had to wait until the enemies killed my other allies so Panda would try to save them. That was frustrating.

3. Also boss monsters become hard to tell apart from regular monsters, there is no transition or anything really noticeable about the bosses.

4. Gaining experience in this way is interesting, but frustrating. Too many times did my allies steal my experience because I'd kill the monster, it would fall 1 square back, and my ally would jump in front of me and take the grave, it led to me having to try to steal theirs and that got rid of the team feeling.

5. The experience amounts seem to vary from not enough to so much that its wild.

6. It could maybe use different maps, something to make it more visually appealing through out the game.

Otherwise, this was a very fun game and I can see it going further!

You wanted to know my score? Cleared everything in 35 turns, and my character was lv 2. Ally AI was compitend enough, knowing to heal or revive me if I'm down. I don't know if it was programmed that way, but the ally AI didn't approch the boss at all, leaving it to me. The knockback caused by my attack was a bit of an issue. Since you can't attack and move in the same turn, I'd hit the boss, knock him back a square, forcing him to waste a turn coming back into range just to let me knock him back again. It's a very easy exploit that would need to be addressed. Maybe give KB a chance to happen, or make it a skill, but not 100% KB chance. Using a turn to kill the grave marker for exp wasn't obvious until one of my partners did it first.

Overall though, this was not a bad test run. Multiple classes, skills and equipment are all expected in the final build, so I'll reserve my full judgement until then.

This definitely has some potential.
As far as suggestions go I would say allow the player to select their own animal, maybe even change the colors and what not.
Each character could also have some special ability, or a stat boost or something along those lines, and also maybe equip drops/inventory system and also maybe they could change appearance as they level ?
I would also like to see some more boards added and maybe the occasional boss monster ? I think that would be super cool~

Looks promising! I love this sort of game especially if there will be coop! So I hope you keep working on it, will be fun to see what you do with equipment or potentially adding other attacks, etc.

Ok, my two cents (or so depending upon the exchange rate). Experience should be given to whomever makes the kill or on a hit by hit basis. It should not be something you loot. In a game played with bots it is no biggie, if you are playing with people and someone decides to avoid the danger but hog the loot/experience it kind of is a big issue. So eliminate it. Although it can be nice to use the tombstones to block a path they really aren't needed. Maybe it would be better if on death the baddies just exploded into loot.

I understand that is is not designed to be a game played using bots, but the bots are really annoying and it would be better to give all control to the player for the demo rather than just the one unit. Just saying.

I also think you should have the option to wait (as I saw someone else pointed out). The baddies can do it you should be able to as well. It kind of stops being a strategy if you can't behave strategically. On those lines it is really quite difficult to judge how powerful an enemy will be, some of them don't seem so bad others always seem to knock you out in one blow.

Overall I did enjoy it, it does have a way to go, but it looks like it will be pretty nice in the end.

Best of luck to you, keep up the good work.