Reviews for "Monster Tap Proto"

Well... it's a good game to play when you want to get pissed off at everything around you. For something with such cute relaxing graphics you have really created and eye twitcher here. o.o That's not necessarily a bad thing, and the challenge. I'm addicted to it, and yes, I like it, and I'd like to see the idea expanded. But sometimes it can be really frustrating.

Being a prototype I found issues and bugs aplenty, so here they are. There are a lot of logic fails. For instance, you need to make it so you attacking has priority over being attacked after you're revived. It works that way with the NPCs. A lot of the time, the enemies will hop away from you instead of attacking. Sometimes 10 turns will pass with no enemies spawning. Revives should take one spell but the counter goes below 0 so it can take 2 or 3. And finally the boars later in the game do a tiny amount of damage and have 4 health (I'm guessing you either meant 40 or wanted to spawn something else?)

And then the bad things. Why do ENEMIES have the ability to pass their turn and you don't?! Half the time the only reason I died was because I was cornered and didn't have the option to wait it out. If I'm forced to hop right into an enemy's attack range because my stupid allies cornered me then they should too!

And I encountered a pretty serious glitch which halted my 500+ run right in its tracks. If your ally takes too much damage, they'll get two negative signs in front of their health and you won't be able to revive them anymore. Make it so health stops going down at 0.

And seriously. Please make a way to punch your allies to move them aside so they can't steal your XP. I mean hot diggity damn.

Current high score (speaking of high scores, maybe add a leaderboard?) is 513 but despite how glitchy this game is I'm addicted and going to be here for a while, so I might see how high the counter goes.


Not bad but i reached an impasse with a rhino...
the rhino kept killing my in 1 hit while the foxbot and the pandabot
kept healing me and the bearbot just kept hopping left and right...
i was just stuck....

It's definitely not a complete game, as you said yourself. If it is complete, it may be pretty fun. One issue, though, is the friendly AI trapping me in a corner. Whenever I move left or right the guy in front of me does the same, leaving me stuck on one row. The ability to maybe walk over these guys would be great. Also, coins and stuff should be awarded on death, not upon breaking a grave. I almost never was rewarded because the other AI that was closer would break the grave.

Its good. but its kinda annoying when everyone is dead and the enemies hop around the place. -_-