Reviews for "Bloons Tower Defense 5"

not bad! playable, yet still tough. easy mode feels easer. which is good!

Use to play this game alot! it's very Fun! Keep it up.

I Was Doing Expert maps on Hard *Gets killed on final round* and i was like Wha...wha..........WHAT!?!?!?!? But Why???? this is so Impossibruuu "Five Minutes Later"(/;__:)/ |_|__|_|*Flip that table!* |_|__|_| \(' o ')/ |_|__|_| *Flip all the tables!* Now i cant go back to the last level I Cri Everitym (T ^ T) (T_T)

Round 101 is so loooong :3 :( lol they can't beat me :3 Ha. Ha

this version is the best