Reviews for "Blockz"

This game is truly amazing.

I've been playing it for 10 hours straight. I nearly had a heart attack because it was so intense.
I showed it to my kids and they are just as crazy about it. They skipped school today just so they could play this.

And don't even get me started on my wife. She has already made 5 art books full of fan art of this game!

Thank you for this creation sir!

Rixium responds:


great game man got some nice easy medals but no unlocking on my stat screen?

Rixium responds:

I'm not sure why they're not showing on the stat screen, I'l look in to it, Thanks.

it's ok, but it took m forever to figure out that in order to get 9000 point you'd have to kill like all ghosts

Rixium responds:

Heart block will give you 20 extra ammo :)

I got 11700 points. It's not impossible, just "pick your battles" and notice how long it takes for the bullet to reach the target, rather than aiming directly at it. Oh, and try not to miss a lot :P Just realized, this can also be applied to life. Predict the behavior of your adversaries and follow them when they hide, so that you can strike when they reappear! Okay, maybe not.

Got 9050 shooting a ghost with my last ammo! That was an intense game.

Short and simple game with primitive mechanics and graphics, but it's nice how the author has made a fun and intense game with such minimalist means. Trying to get the 9000 medal is absolutely essential for this game to be fun.

Rixium responds:

Wow! I don't think there are many with the over 9000 score. Well done!