Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

finished on xpert, got the 3 golden medals, used the shrimp (and it was actually harder even if it was a cheat), found waldo on the coral... at some point devoured a mermaid, and yet i cant make a mermaid eat me...

anyway an idea for challenges instead of mine rain a toxic waste rain since it goes trough immunity and it paralyses you, also a boss version with electric an poison attacks that overrides the passive ability.

also why waldo does nothing when i click him?

poxpower responds:

Waldo just makes a useless little sound when you click him :p
SORRY, NO BIG SECRET HERE. Also it's not Waldo, it's Ouald'o, a totally original creation that has nothing to do with the beloved children icon.

A vast and exciting revamp of an already great game. I especially love how effort was put into every thing, from the new new challenges of poisonous fish, new evolutions, and the epic boss battle at the end.


The cheats box is in the pause menu.

And... I found Waldo...

I LOVE THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!