Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

Awesome game. The boss fight was good too.

how kill the submarine?

I love the improvements you've made.

And thanks for taking my suggestions so seriously.

I loved the final monster you turn into for the boss fight.

Though you're 'jelly' fish disease gives me an idea.

I noticed you have two different kinds of fish that exhibit different behaviors.

For example. The "ghost" shark.

And the "jelly" fish.

Ever heard of the phrase, you are what you eat?

What if eating certain fish steers you in a particular direction of evolution.

EX: Eating Jellies that sting you pose a risk. But the more you eat, the power you get is the ability to 'shock' other fish, including LARGER fish for a chance to eat them.

Where as eating 'neon' squid and 'ghost' sharks grant the default invisibility power.

Though had I known I was going to turn into a monster with a spike tail, wouldn't it make sense to damage the submarine by taking careful swings with your tail by 'left or right' on the keyboard?

Cause touching the submarine shouldn't damage you, only it's weapons.

And having electricity would make it really cool.

I can't wait till this game is FULL ON 3D and on Xbox live.

So much fun!

make the aquarium mode let you pick the fish you want to see