Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

this game is so addicting, and i like how you can continue where you left off, (died) but, its not much else after that, and the game doesn't really go anywhere...

This game is kinda good but it's gets boring...

it's nice but... hey how do i kill myself if i became a super big fish already??? :|

Is it just me or do I see waldo?

Pretty fun, well put together. Not really a lot I can say that hasn't already been said. I would have liked to see a medal for never evolving though, as that would have been a neat challenge. My main reason for writing this is to help fellow players.

How To Play:

You start small. Eat those smaller than you to grow bigger, and be aware their will be a boss battle at the end. As you eat, you can level up. Each level comes with a choice. Do you upgrade agility or speed? Occasionally you'll get a chance to evolve, which comes with useful powers and extra size.

Be careful, big fish are not your only threat, there are traps too!

Need To Cheat?

M cuts the music, Q changes the graphic quality.. P pauses the game, and LEADS TO THE CHEAT BOX. You must enter cheats in all caps. Beware.. cheating makes you unable to make any points. If you cheat, your score for that round will be zero!