Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

eat everything .... haha ... so funny :)))))

Awesome! Time to EAT that submarine in one gulp!

Cheats :D :

ULTRAVOLVO: Makes you reach the last stage of evolution instantly.
INVINCIVOLVO:Makes you invincible.
ENDINGVOLVO:Next fish you eat makes you skip to the ending.
ETERNIVOLVO:Game doesn't end when you reach max size.
CHANGEOLVO:Select custom settings for your game.
FISHOLVO:Restart the game as any fish!
SAFEOLVO:Removes all hazards ( nets, crab cages and barrels)
SANTAVOLVO:Vastly increases the powerup drop rate and gives you A SWEET HAT.

Lol who else found Waldo

Good game, but how do i blow up the submarine?