Reviews for "Evolvo Plus"

it's awsome i hope you make a 2th one

game completed without dieing wtf!

Shrimp SWALLOWED submarine-------ROCKS
Blue Whale CRUSHED BY submarine---SUCKS

*Does FISHOLVO cheat* IMA GIANT MERMAID!!!! *Boss battle begins* oh cr... *Dies* DANGIT! *Enters FISHOLVO CHANGEOLVO and ETERNIVOLVO cheats* MOM!!! I think I broke the game.......

Note: Supersize nulls ETERNIVOLVO.
SANTAVOLVO lasts until you start a new save file.
FISHOLVO restarts level (BUT ITS WORTH IT (: )
FISHOLVO nulls the "eat with your entire body" evolution. (Last evolution)
The prize for finding all of the secret medals is......... A spoiler to a possible sequal to this game that involves nothing but challenges. (It's true!)
Here's the thing: http://www.thepoxbox.com/art.php?id=evolvochallenge

*does changeolvo cheat and plays* imma going to get huge :3 *gets max size as a tadpole in 20 seconds* hrmmmmmmmmmmmmm >.> *boss battle intro thing shows on screen* my mom told me i couldnt be a giant tadpole :3 *gets killed* AW COME ON DX (allthough i still love this game :3)