Reviews for "The Snake Game"

1 comment BICEZ

VERY nice game. Even if I can't play here.

Very nice work!

An easy game to play and understand. A good time eater. My only complaint is that none of the platinum medals are working, and I've earned at least two of them. (easy and normal). Otherwise, a good game.

Jindo responds:

Hmm, I had a couple of reports of medals not working for a couple of players while for others they worked fine. I will look in to the issue and see what I can do to correct it!

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Found the issue and corrected it, platinum medals are now obtainable! You will have to re-earn them in the mean time however.

Great game! The medals aren't working for me either

Jindo responds:

All I can offer is that you try clearing your cache and refreshing, just tested and I seem to be getting medals fine.

Just updated the game to hopefully award you any medals you're missing based on your best scores when you launch the main menu.

Apologies for these issues but glad you're enjoying the game!

god i love a challenge!