Reviews for "The Snake Game"

An easy game to play and understand. A good time eater. My only complaint is that none of the platinum medals are working, and I've earned at least two of them. (easy and normal). Otherwise, a good game.

Jindo responds:

Hmm, I had a couple of reports of medals not working for a couple of players while for others they worked fine. I will look in to the issue and see what I can do to correct it!

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Found the issue and corrected it, platinum medals are now obtainable! You will have to re-earn them in the mean time however.

At first, I was thinking my medals were not going to show up on screen. It turns out they really did, just at the end. Then, when I survived awhile in normal mode, they didn't show up again. Oh well, at least they acknowledge my achievements on screen. I was quite impressed by this game and thought it would be like a game of Snake at first. I guess I'm glad it wasn't.

Green and orange happen to be the favorite colors of my brother and I, respectively. How ironic the orange ones would be the most annoying. I don't even know if the orange snake ever goes offscreen. It's basically the same thing after awhile. It still manages to be fairly challenging.

Jindo responds:

Originally the medals did unlock as you progressed but I noticed (for me at least) that the game froze for a split second when each medal appeared, which could cause problems if you're in a hairy situation with regard to the number of snakes on screen, so I stuck with unlocking them at the end!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!

Pretty fun, nice progression.

Music fits the game, the mechanics of the game is fun and original, and lots of achievements is always a plus. The game gets a little repetitive over time and the graphics would have been worked a little on.
It also has a nice pause function.

This rather fun especially when you get that heat seeking orange one into the mix :D