Reviews for "The Snake Game"

I want my easy gold medal please.
I just got 114 seconds on easy mode, YET no gold was given to me.
I believe there could be a glitch, the game confusing the 100th digit place as a missing number and is only registering the two digits before the 1.

Jindo responds:

It looks like you have it now, but for piece of mind I can assure you that your glitch hypothesis does not happen. The game compares your score with the various medal boundaries of the difficulty you're in and if you succeed a boundary, you get the medal. There is no manipulation of your score at any point that could cause the theory you describe to occur.

Thanks for playing and sorry about this!

Amazingly addicting game, medals are working for me, keep up the good work, would be cool to see this game to get updated in future with a power-up system or something, some day.

Jindo responds:

I did have some ideas for power-ups along the lines of slowing down the game for time periods but decided that I would keep this version clear and simple, another game for sure!

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing and reviewing!

Great game! The medals aren't working for me either

Jindo responds:

All I can offer is that you try clearing your cache and refreshing, just tested and I seem to be getting medals fine.

Just updated the game to hopefully award you any medals you're missing based on your best scores when you launch the main menu.

Apologies for these issues but glad you're enjoying the game!

Mostly medals are not working.

Jindo responds:

They seem to be working for different people which is strange. I will continue to look in to the problem and see if there's anything I can do.

Thanks for playing and apologies for this issue!

i like it