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Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

its well good but boring

Good game... If it weren't for "Eath shit, Shithead"

This is pretty neat for a creation game but it has a few flaws. Importantly bot weapons simply do less damage than human weapons. If you have a stationary bot shooting bullets the human will win every time simply by shooting more and faster. How are you supposed to make a standard difficult megaman-style bot with shooting patterns? You can't. Sure your bot might deny them the A+ but that doesn't really mean squat when it's just so much easier to beat the bot by standing there and shooting it.

Moreover, why are all the options on the weapons so limited? It's not like we can submit designs that can't be beaten. We should be able to set the damage on weapons to whatever we want and set firing rate separately. We should be able to shoot bullets at angles other than +/- 30 degrees (why is ANGLE of all things so limited?). The sword and beam weapons should at least have damage as an option for the purposes of modulating difficulty.

Also, the way recording works is not conducive to tight, statisfying, and mirrored boss patterns... as a human with imperfect mechanical skills it's a little annoying trying to replay a pattern multiple times until I don't screw it up. This isn't the biggest flaw as it's a pretty casual creation game to begin with but it's something to think about if you ever want to make a more serious one.

It's okay, but when I go to make my pattern, I hit space to record, and do my pattern, then I press space and it does not record and save it, meaning I am in a forever infinite loop now.

The game is a big buggy start menu for me. If I try to create a level, it resets the character if I build one and I can't build. And when I try to do a marine campaign it just links over to the level creation. I think the beginning art is cool, and the concept would seem nice if it actually worked.