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Reviews for "Cathode Raybots"

The only thing that's missing is the capability to upload images as a robots face, otherwise I would've given it 5 stars.

i wanted to writethis review before the game gets jam-crammed full of them. I will admit that while the options for doing up your Raybot are extensive, they seem to be lacking on the Human side...making for generic humans with no variety in weapons or looks.

HOWEVER, my favorite part of this game was the presentation and overall atmosphere in addition to the level to which you CAN customize the Raybots. I mean, that voice was perfect!!!

I think my biggest complaint is just having to go back and forth between the mouse and keyboard.
Also, somewhat disheartened that there weren't many options to customize your human and they can't shoot up or diagonally... however, this is a moot point as it seems like the Human/Raybot modes were tied together extremely well.

out of 10...

gfx - 10 (sets killer atmosphere, psyches you up)
sfx - 9 (awsome sfx and voicing, but songs get repeatitive)
design - 9.5 (overall impressive, but maybe lacking more features)
gameplay - 9.5 (a lot of fun, good controls, many choices)

overall, a killer game that showcases what Newgrounds can do. Awesome sense of doom the whole way, and fast-paced gameplay that runs well even on my 512kb of RAM...I think I will be playing Cathode Raybots for a long, long time!

TomFulp responds:

Thanks! I should consider adding keyboard controls to get through the human menus... For the Raybot menu it's pretty much inevitable that you need to use the mouse.

Multidirectional shooter was considered but the focus was more on the classic restraints - when you can only shoot left or right you have to make specific decisions while fighting the boss and there are less opportunities to just get under or over them in a safe place.

Also giving this a 5.

TomFulp responds:

You make some of the hardest bosses! It's cool to see people gradually filling the Emotes scoreboard.

this is a really well-crafted game Tom! i can tell that you and johnny put you blood,sweat,semen and tears into this. the story levels are pretty good but this game really shines when it comes to creating levels and playing levels others have made. i usually skip level creaters in games but this one had me coming back to make levels again and again. I suck at this game but will still continue to play because of the creative levels that fans continue to make. my only complaint is that the i'm not the hugiest fan.

i like it this is the hardest lvl i made http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /610807/show/usergenerated/group/522/

TomFulp responds:

I defeated him! I wish you could get a log that tells you that but we aren't that fancy YET.