Reviews for "400 Years"

Wow...this was a beautiful piece of work. It took me a while to learn it, but I got to the end and I nearly felt emotional.

Five stars, would definitely play again.

This is a well-made game sir. I liked how the living statue has the better part of a half-century to complete its mission. It all makes for a nice and relaxing experience.

An excelent and original game.

beautiful...unique... peaceful...what the heck else do I have to say!?!?!? play it it so good.

Wow, just wow.

Let me just say it, this game is wonderful. The presentation is spot on. The game is atmospheric, beautiful, and I never thought any pixels would mess with my feels so much at the end. The pixel graphics have great colors and the visuals are beautifully drawn. And thanks for the lag warning in the description! I almost made up my mind of playing this game because it was so laggy on Google Chrome.

The music fits the atmosphere of the game. It's peaceful and serene.

The concept of the gameplay is so innovative! I've never seen anything like it. The gameplay is immersed with good puzzles, depth. The game isn't really hard. The only thing you need is your brain in order to solve the puzzles. Surprisingly enough, I got all the achievements in one try. Some people complain about the rock's speed. This is a game about a patient rock. The slow speed is to add to the experience.

I can't see any flaw, the game never seems to lag (if you're ont the correct browser, of course). The gameplay is very deep, it's not the usual shooting games I see everywhere on Newgrounds. This is most definetely going on my favorites.

5/5-Perfect gem