Reviews for "400 Years"

The only issue was lag when holding space, other than that this was an awesome game!

133 years first try, thoguth this was a great game

The great rating is for the concept and ambiance of the game; beautiful, thoughtful, and uniquely new (to me at least.) But I found the clues too vague right off the bat and felt a little ashamed when I had to look up what to do as early as the village, and of course I'd love to see more detail in the artistic style. But you are on the right path!

I'm quite blown away by this game honestly. In compliment to what InvisibleAndroid said, if I were a game producer I would definitely go forward with a full scale project. with one minor tweak make it 1000 years.

love this game! thought it was going be boring at first but it got me addicted to it, i like time travelling but this is so different... it reminded me of Zelda Oracle of Age in some way! good game! keep making another one!