Reviews for "400 Years"

While it is a very good game, I will say that some parts (Like the part with the stalagmites) can be very slow. The music, tho, is what saved it from a 3 star. The calming music for most of the game and the slightly somber music at the volcano is simply beautiful.

Absolutely love this game, amazing music, and a very relaxing atmosphere that's perfect for this game. The controls are simple and easy to use. The puzzles can be a little challenging at times but not to difficult to the point were its impossible to figure out. The concept of time in this game is really interesting to me.

A game that is by far the most creative of them all. It is very calming, and the music suits it well. Despite the lack of much story other than the objective, it is emotional despite it being about a stone golem. I first saw the concept of letting time pass in this game, and I would like to see more abstract concepts like this.

excellent premace challenging and very original and i love the pixelated golem awesome on all fronts

Nice music, not too difficult puzzles, but it does make you think to beat it. Good atmosphere and it really makes you feel like a noble immortal being.