Reviews for "400 Years"

Alright but really slow and tiresome especially on replays

a classic that is one that will remain one of my favorites even though im barly adding it after playing it since it was released

Really liked it. I definitely wish there was a way to walk faster. But I understand that it contributes to the feel of the game. Also a browser save would have been nice. First playthough can take a bit and if you can't finish it in one sitting, you have to start from scratch, which was a bummer.
Regardless, Enjoyed the Game, the medals, and the secret.
(NOTE: 122 years is the bare minimum to complete the game.)

Interesting concept. I love the game.

To anyone wondering about the tombstone, it's a reference to Scriptwelder's other game "a small talk at the back of beyond". Nice to know that the guy in "a small talk" got to Earth safely from [SPOILER].

really interesting concept but is way too monotonous to be too fun. its pretty alright tho