Reviews for "400 Years"

So this is what I did played and got to the village I foreze the water waited for 100 years

Founed out that I could take the wheet to the village pnated it waited croos over the birge and waited more orosed over the new bireg and did nothing till year 399 went back and then wehe in water and waited for the last year to end. 2/10

its a interesting game with some rare gaming elements (I rarely see game in that play style), my congrats for the involved.
of course would be nice to see a game about that "traveler between worlds".

This was a beautiful experience, i think it was sad that everybody was scared of the rock while it was actually trying to save them.
Who knows, maybe one day the moais wake up and save us too.

Very unique.

And that's how an alien rock creature gave his life to prevent the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and save Pompeii from destruction in the year 79. Oh no. I wasn't fast enough! Oh, those poor people, I thought I had 400 years, but I only had 79, it's so sad! Poor rock-Jesus. If only you could JUMP, just like 6 inches off the ground, you could have passed some of those obstacles a little faster. Eh, the ingrates were running around panicking and being afraid of him while rock-Jesus was saving their sorry asses from starvation, who needs them. Burn, Pompeii, burn! It's gotta be the actual gregorian calendar since it says year 2013 at the end, and this was made then, right? It could be like the year 1960 though for all I know, they certainly had airplanes then, so maybe his year 1 isn't the gregorian year 1, still, the game was made in 2013, and he starts in year 1, so the only logical conclusion is that he must be rock-Jesus, right?

There's a nasty bug in the game, by the way. When I was waiting for the stalagmites and stalactites to grow (which I'll bet only grow if he's standing there to watch them, they won't have developed to the same level by the same year if you take longer to get to that point), I tried to climb just a LITTLE before it was possible, and as I was climbing to the right from the leftmost stalagmite to the most reachable stalactite, he fell - and made the rock slamming down from a fall sound - in midair. And it became an infinite loop. I couldn't go to the left or right, while it repeatedly made that sound over and over again. All I could do was refresh the page and restart the whole damn thing again. Oh well. Did it then.