Reviews for "400 Years"

Resfreshingly original. At some solutions, i was just staring like "omg, this is ingenious". Appreciated the calm pace and music.

A nice game. You have to think to beat this game.

BTW: 276,000th view is mine.

Emotive and beautiful. The music is the best and the time mechanic is very well done.

Beautiful small lyrical game. The time manipulation mechanics was simple, but effective, it felt fresh. Also, if the game would have been little longer, it would probably have felt exhausting.

The game's simplistic graphics, movement restrictions, meditative music and overall slow pace work well to create an experience of a very slow moving inorganic life. At the same time the time limit and a disturbing story with a mystery create somewhat of an anxiety. This anxiety coupled with the movement restrictions and the feel of slow moving life makes a complex emotional experience, witch, for me, was the game's greatest achievement.

For the future, I'd recommend to develop the core concept further, with addition of more time/environment related puzzles.

Extremly Unique, I mean it is a game with time elements I've never seen before.
It is beautiful.
But I missed something.