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Reviews for "Zombie Hero"

Very good! I like the old-timey feel and there was a nice variety of enemies. But there are a few problems.
1-Flappers are too hard to save. They move at the same speed as the zombies
2-Weapons are too similar and they need a reload mechanism. I found any guns other than the pistol to not be worth it just because they ran out of ammo too fast
3-Upgrades dont really feel like they're doing much. The difference between a level 1 gun and a level 3 gun should be more obvious


Not bad. I would have like a full color game instead of the white. I mean the mob-boss sprite is awesome but some colors would really make the game pop. Other than that I would add a way to earn money other than by completing each level...

epic game:)

I ended this game. It's good If you're bored in the office, as me, hahahahahaha.