Reviews for "Mean Sonic 2"

I lirtealy yelled "DAYUM" when he punched him, to my suprise it actually made me jump! XD

Lol, funny. Reminded me of all the times I played Sonic 2 and cursed Tails cuz he stepped on a disintegrating platform before I could, or bashed into bombs in the special stage and caused me to not get the Emerald. XD And why the "kill Tails" game was so much fun.

punch1:thats it?Thats what I came to watch?theirs a half minute I'll never get ba-punch2:OH HOLY SHIT!!!! [zack125.exe has stopped working he's currently laughing to hard so...yeah]

that was'ent so bad it was ac- PUNCH
hilarious, tails is annoying

I lol'd at this.