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Reviews for "Vortex Point"

Another fun adventure. Can't wait to the sequel.

I like the cutscene at the start of the movie, the way everything is summed up in snapshots with an original song to accompany, that's pretty original, and the introduction tells you all you need to know about what the game will be about. Really simple controls in how you use the mouse for everything, to toggle dialog, to move around, to toggle options and items. The interface is really simple, and the game itself is a masterpiece, all the layouts and sceneries detailed and varied, not to mention living (as opposed to just still backgrounds). It's an atmospheric and fun game. great work!


I loved the story but the ending was a bit too...paranormal for me. I mean I love paranormal stuff and I know the game 100% fiction but for me the ending kind of just....felt unsatisfying. It wasn't the fact that justice wasn't served. It just...felt like a rushed explanation while trying to avoid the obvious 'He actually died and is a ghost'.

Nice. Wish there were voiced though. However the lack of voices does seem to add to the atmosphere. Wonderful game.

great series, except for the piano puzzle.. but it's solvable.