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Reviews for "Vortex Point"

This reminded me of the x files. i just love these games.

Great game! I love every game in the Vortex point series. If you wish to see more games like this one, go to carmelgames.com!

to beat the piano, look at the brochure


I've never played this series, even though I've played plenty of your other games. I always thought I should start with the first one. Yesterday I did, and I must say that I loved how you differentiated this series from the rest: the song, the darker humour...

It's obvious that you've improved a lot in terms of animation, you've included voiceacting, the movements are smoother and the characters portray your own style. Anyways, I like this game more than many others of yours... It's complex, it introduces the characters well, the story is great and it's harder than others.

I'll check the rest of the series and I hope to see more games like this one.


I've always loved playing Vortex Point on MouseCity, so seeing that someone uploaded the entire game series on Newgrounds really did excite me! This is truly an amazing game for people like me, who love watching, playing or seeing anything related to horror or paranormal occurrences.

(Excuse my English, English isn't my first language so if you see a grammatical error ignore it, please.)