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Reviews for "Vortex Point"

Decent graphics and music as usual. But your characters and storyline weren't that good this time around. Also, I had to rely on the walkthrough a couple of times and I hate doing that.

Is that bug or what? Why is therethe sound of someone typing throughout the whole game? Very annoying. Good gamethough.

Not very good.

The plot is pretty bad, no twists or turns or anything of the sort.

The puzzles (or should i say puzzle?) were pretty simple, nothing too challenging.

Its very glitchy. If you quit the game and come back to it, you cant interact with anything.
And the fact that you cant reset the codes on the code machine, is horrible. If you make a mistake with the code, you have to restart the game all over again.

There are SPOILERS in my review, read with caution.

The music although calming and relaxing at first became rather irritating. The style wasn't my favorite but something about it was charming although the cartoony look of it all really removed any threatening or creepy aspect that the creators were trying to preserve. The concept of astral projection in relation to this seemed out of place. As did the random murders. I was extremely disturbed as to how uncaring the main character was. Making fake ID's Taking all of the sleeping syrup that was intended for the Pizza's Man's wife. It all felt so misleading. Like you yourself weren't that good of a person. The smiles that were pasted on the characters faces when they talked about the terrible murders was also a tad disturbing. Couldn't you of made them at least seem somewhat upset over how to people were killed brutally?

All this was excusable though besides the biggest issue I had with the game. The dang piano puzzle was so confusing and hard to do that I had to find a walkthrough just to figure it out. Why would the piano class teacher paste the secret code on his free class papers?

The symbols almost all looked exactly the same. The way they were slightly shifted up and down made it difficult to understand which one was for which. The fact that the Piano itself had no colour difference or numbers or anything to help out the player besides a small green dot. These are made the game frustrating.

You guys have a LOT of potential but can you try to think things through a little more? The puzzles were either to easy or to awkward so try and improve on the puzzles.

I actually figured the piano puzzle rather easily. It took me about three minutes, tops. However, as many before have stated, there were some actions in the game that were rather disturbing, the foremost being using the sleeping syrup intended for someone else on the pizza. I found that to be ethically questionable, at best, and certainly not something a heroic character should do.