Reviews for "Hardcore Brony"

This joke may be old and drawn out, but woah the references were coming lightning fast.

by this tilte i hope it not nothign too funny cuz im eating candy................................
..........................now its on the floor man that was too funny XD

i love hthe dexter refrence and the fact he just slapped santa XD nice job!


This is what I do when I get a new toy.
21 year old baby man. That's me.

On a scale from 1 to 10 you get from me: 10.... Billion....

This was so awesome in so many levels :D Dexter's Mom,Link,your Outfit ( probably Steve from Minecraft )

I'm a casual brony with no fashion for collecting items of the show an such ( mostly because Hasbro sucks at making Toys ) but I enjoy watching the show and I don't matter who knows it ( actually all friends of mine know that I watch it )
And I'm pretty sure there is no shame in being a fan of a show for little girls... By now the makers of MLP are introducing Season 4 for Teen age not for kids ( since Bronies have more money I assume it's the better viewership )

You deserve a place for weeks on the front page