Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

hard to find the nyflim section but it was easy going after that

Was pretty fun, though it probably could've used a bit more instruction, regarding commands being a specific order, how to get positions, and the like. But aside from that. Had quite a bit of fun figuring stuff out anyways. Nice touch how the nymph book was chapter 69. Anyways, 33 Seedlings, anyone I miss? I think I covered all the guards who show up too, along with the one rich house and such.

This was a pretty amazing game, my friend. The only things that slowed me down was the nymph part and the random teleportations in different locations, all minor problems of course. But still an amazing and (as MoeLuvsU pointed out) original game. Keep up the great work!

Great game. The mechanic is a little annoying and difficult at first, but you can get used to it pretty quick. Although charging the two meters take too much time than it should be, you often need to go back home to gain health or have to re-do a person just to gain the meters back.
Also like easimon1812 said, it could use aTutorial and something like a quest log to keep track of what you need to do. It easy enough now, but if the future games are bigger and more complex people will get confuse a lot.
But in general, you did a fine job.

OMG. Its a good game but the the storage and the open road is suspicious