Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

I spent 5 minutes on it, I could not fix the spore generator :[

Nice game!

I did not expect you to make something so ambitious in the world of hentai games. While this does have its quirks, but it was for the most part pretty enjoyable.

Graphics: To be honest, while it is serviceable for the most part; you haven't improved by much. Look, I don't believe that games should always have the best graphics, but enough to get the point across. However, I think you ought to work on rudimentary drawing and animation skills because it will make your hentai work even better. Trust me on this one.
Sound: Aside from the moaning/orgasms, there wasn't much in terms of music. I think you could have scoured the audio portal for music considering that song you had didn't really fit. Plus, said song wasn't properly produced.
Gameplay: This is what prevents this from getting a much lower score. It's obvious that a lot of effort and heart went into this, and the results were pretty enjoyable. You have a solid engine, a nice variety of sex positions, and a nice variety of women to go with that. However, it can get a bit confusing at times, but at least you provided some instructions in the intro.

The Good:
-Nice variety
-Interesting plot

The Bad:
-Could use better art and animation
-Needs a bigger, better music selection
-Confusing at times.

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

d-z responds:

I appreciate that you've been watching my stuff for a long time, thank you