Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

One of the better adult flash games I have had the pleasure of playing. It manages to find the right level of complexity and difficulty with out be overbearing or annoying. I do admit that the learning curve is a bit steep at the beginning., but it was a fairly enjoyable and entertaining game.

I do feel that the controls could have been explained clearly, or more so than current. It took a bit of time to figure out how to navigate through the sex scenes. But after the first few times or two you figure out the pattern if it is a one scene or two scene encounter. As for finding the multiple positions it was finicky at times but well worth it, and I appreciate the effort that went into them.
-the sexual interaction seems to follow a standard: normal, fast, turbo, release, relax,normal fast turbo release pattern for those who are wondering, follow the keyboard guide in game)
The content in the game was absolutely overwhelming (in a good way) and assured that you would spend a good chunk of time exploring, experimenting and generally having fun.
The overall goal was not explained to well, but then again i feel this game was all about the adventure and the experimentation, a tutorial or some tips would not go amiss.
The quality of the scenes was not the pinnacle of flash animation, but it served it's purpose and was still fairly entertaining, erotic and engaging. Though a small quality bump would do well to grab more peoples attention, because the loops were a bit short and choppy.
Updates to this game would add a lot, and a sequel would definitely be warranted considering how enjoyable this game was.

F or people who are struggling through this game there are few things to keep in mind, experiment and explore. There are two girls you can spore with the level one machine one in the first house you start in and one all the way at the end of the map in the bathroom. the latter will give you the key to a lab. As for the next upgrade experiment with different positions on ms branch, anal is the key. they key is to her house and the rest can be figured out by reading the book in the unlocked area. And to get into the Neilson house, you must spore the guard, the rest can be figured out by sporing and having fun.

In summary this game is great, but greater clarity and quality would be a must for future endeavors.

Hard to use at first but once you get the hang of it its pretty easy

Not sure but i think i found all the chicks 33 if I'm right

2 words i CAME the start is a bit annoying but once you get 20 its so goood :D

I'm on spore level 2 and i can't figure out how to get the nymph secretion. i know it has to do with the 8th class b woman, but i can't find her. little help?

This game is great, I hope the author is capable of making more games like it or furthering this series!