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Reviews for "Adam"

Good game, although this isn't COMPLETELY original, as the idea of running from the "you" of several seconds ago has been done before, usually creating an awful game. However, you have managed to use a usually mediocre game mechanic masterfully. I salute your ingenuity and skill. Anyway, if you make a sequel (which has something to recommend it) you should include the ability (possibly as an easter egg) to steal the time machine from the you of several seconds ago. Continuing that thought, the rupture in space time the paradox would cause could be part of the story line or the way to access a bonus level... 4.5

4.5 stars for an interesting and original game. Although, its really easy to cheat by just setting down he time machine and standing on top of it until all of your previous selves have done their work. Still a good game overall.

can't figure out how to bootstrap jump...

made in 48 hr beat in 18min

I found it a good little time killer. Not to challenging or easy and still fairly addictive. Great job^^ Though I can't for the life of me get the secret medal. What Code are you talking about?