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Reviews for "Adam"

My GOD, this concept and this music and this artwork, from the minds of geniuses! SO well put together, just playing the first few minutes made me smile!

no nasa space

Nice game. It has awesome soundtrack, funny dialogues, nostalgia-giving graphics, and a quick-passing levels. I like it!
P.S. Try to enter the Konami code when you start the first level(z=b, space=a, no start button), maybe something sPORTAngeous wilL happen. >;-)

Good game, although this isn't COMPLETELY original, as the idea of running from the "you" of several seconds ago has been done before, usually creating an awful game. However, you have managed to use a usually mediocre game mechanic masterfully. I salute your ingenuity and skill. Anyway, if you make a sequel (which has something to recommend it) you should include the ability (possibly as an easter egg) to steal the time machine from the you of several seconds ago. Continuing that thought, the rupture in space time the paradox would cause could be part of the story line or the way to access a bonus level... 4.5

Really nice game mechanics ! Too bad it's so short. I hope you guys make a long version of this !