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Reviews for "Adam"

I loved this game, this is one of the few puzzle games that I really did enjoy playing. having to think ahead and time yourself against your future self was a wonderful brain exercise and oddly exhilarating. I would love to play an extended version of the game, I really would. Please give it some thought :3

My GOD, this concept and this music and this artwork, from the minds of geniuses! SO well put together, just playing the first few minutes made me smile!

no nasa space

great, something new.

Nice game. It has awesome soundtrack, funny dialogues, nostalgia-giving graphics, and a quick-passing levels. I like it!
P.S. Try to enter the Konami code when you start the first level(z=b, space=a, no start button), maybe something sPORTAngeous wilL happen. >;-)