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Reviews for "Adam"

The detail of having the Tardis from Dr. Who and the DeLorean from Back to the Future on the background of the space station was a nice thought.

rly fun game, but there's just one thing that pretyt bad about it. you can finish it in 10 minutes. i am not a fantastic gamer. average at best. so if i can do it. for the rest, good artwork. not rly a good story but it was amusing

good game. if little short1 still a thumbs up.

It was fun and killed some time, but I honestly expected there to be more to the story.

I mean, would there not be other people around to build the moon station? Perhaps there would be some controversy or conspiracy plot. Maybe he goes back in time only to find out his co-workers are plotting to kill him, idk. There's just a lot more you could have done with this, and I'm sure you could have added spiced it up a bit even with your time limit. =P
Either way, good job for a 48 hour game! It was as good as one that had much time spent on it.

That is, well..until it ended suddenly. =P

4.5 stars for an interesting and original game. Although, its really easy to cheat by just setting down he time machine and standing on top of it until all of your previous selves have done their work. Still a good game overall.