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Reviews for "Adam"

I wanted to give you the full five stars but I was put off by the "boot strapping". To be perfectly honest, I haven't the clue what it is and how to work it out because the doctor's explanation are incredibly vague. I was frustrated and after jumping on the clock, tossing it, jumping on it-picking it up-jumping-tossing it, and pressing all of the keys on my keyboard like mad I still couldn't find out how "boot strapping" worked.

If you're planning a sequel(and for future games) try making essential things like this a tid bit more obvious.

Quite enjoyable, however there is an issue where pressing up just REFUSES to jump high when you would like it to. It either decides to do a high enough jump for the second trip to the moon base..... or in that same level, you just miss by an inch or two. Not exactly what you call responsive, but overall very very well done.

can't figure out how to bootstrap jump...

great, something new.

Awesome concept.