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Reviews for "Adam"

What a warping adventure this was. :) The concept is something else, and the fact that YOU get more for every level keeps adding to the difficulty, Especially the final level your have to pick up and jump at the same time is a challenge, and at the same time a paradox, kind of like the concept of time travel is. I like the pixel graphics too btw. Nice game!


the only thing keeping me playing is the music

Not sure why everybody is complaining about bootstrapping, its a fairly simple puzzle for this type of game. Anways, the basic concept you have going here with this game is great. I really think you could make it into something epic if you just added more content and lengthened it.

An excellent game.

For what it is (an indie game developed in 48 hours), it's solid as hell! :) The gameplay is fun/addictive, the music (in the background) fits the game perfectly, and the dialogue is both clever, and funny. :)

This game not only deserves awards, but all of the respect and attention it's garnered. Kudos.

Cool game. Creative puzzles. However, yeah, I was running into a bug where if I dropped some frames, my jump would hardly jump high enough to make anything. "Boot strapping" was a creative exploit, too haha. Overall short and sweet with a pretty cool mechanic.

FYI: To boot-strap, for anyone still confused, first jump onto the clock and then grab and jump at the same time.