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Reviews for "Adam"

This game is great! The only downside is that it was too short. I can totally understand why seeing that you made this for the Indie Speed Run.

If you guys ever decide to make a sequel or a extended version of this game, I'll so play it. It isn't everyday you get to solve jumping puzzles with your past self.

The story was oddly predictable. Plus too short.

Maybe gave up on the game and wanted to move ahead, or never planned to make it a long term project. Whatever the reason, good average game, but don't expect a high score. At least in comparison to good games.

(Stars don't make the game)

It did make you think a little, but I had a strategy, which was to jump to the next platform after warping. Give it a time limit so people will panic, and as a result, fail multiple times.
This is also a way to get a person to think harder and faster. I would especially like it if there was atleast one medal for completing the game. THANKS!!!

More easy, i can't give 5 stars. But it's a cool game

someone make a game were you can create civilations in a universe scale.. this game is great