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Reviews for "Adam"

what it is time core? I don't get it

As said before... it look a lot like a Alfred Van vogt's Story *_*
"The Weapon Shops of Isher" and i can only recommend to read his books *_* of null-A :D
and if ever someone can suggest some REALLY GOOD SF books, suit your self ^^" :D
(and btw the best book of time travel i have ever read is from a french writer "Gerard Klein" The Overlords Of War... oc there is many others books... but this one *_* )

Bad design kept this game from being fun. If you're too close to a wall, you can't put down the clock? Why? The character jumps at random heights and sometimes can't even clear the clock. I was waiting at the last level holding right and pressing jump for 20 seconds before he decided to get himself on the clock, not good. The third level was substantially harder than any other level for some reason. It felt like it ended abruptly, but that's a minor complaint, and the ending was also disappointing. I liked the music and the art was okay.

This concept is ripped from a science fiction short story. I'd have to dig through some of my anthologies to find out the name. But it was definitely ripped off from that story.

In that story someone bounces forward and backward in time building up temporal energy from temporal friction. At the end he finds himself at the beginning of everything and realizes that the ridiculous amounts of energy he'd built up would cause him to explode and actually "be" the origin of the universe.

I enjoyed this game, though it was very short. I won't count off stars for blatantly ripping the idea from a story and not giving credit because the game itself was still solid.

MaTX responds:

I have actually never heard about that story! I would love to read it if it's possible, because it shares incredible similarities with our idea. Any chance you could send me a private message with the title?

Great concept. Easy to play - but still challenging. Now, if I could stop touching myself IRL :(