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Reviews for "Adam"

Nice little game, if u can do this in 48 hours, then I challenge you to do the nice fat one in less than a month. With MOAR levels and more stuff (some kind of scenary that requires some more timing, like a door that would be open just at a specific time). Do u accept the challenge?

Quite a fun little experience i had playing this. It's long enough to supply players with enough content, and short enough to not take hours playing it. Overall, the puzzles are simple and quite easy, the game overall would probably take about 5-20 minutes depending on your skill level. 5/5

Really loved it, short and sweet, we need to appreciate quick games more often. For the time given of 48 hours, it's easy to see that the team has a lot of experience behind them in pulling this together.
If I may request, the music is so entrancing, where can i find it? In the credits is Yugenstudio, but I visited their site and it's not published as one of their works. Is it available anywhere?

I can't figure out the secret medal. Other then the name of it being "timecore". Courtesy of the page source. :(

But the game was awesome though. :)

Hey.....thats MY name... All in all, great job. I myself wouldn't change a thing about it.